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Research stipends for summer 2011 will be announced in the Spring.

Two summer research stipends will be awarded to currently enrolled students in the School of Medicine or School of Nursing for a collaborative project titled "Illness and Artistic Expression." Students will be required to work on the project for eight weeks, in July and August 2010, and will receive a stipend for $3,200.

The project is a study of the relationship between illness and the works of artists, expanding more broadly to how patients use art as a means of coping with illness. We are investigating how we might better understand these artists' works, how art might act as a medium of provider/patient communication, as well as how studying their art might help us better to understand disease.

The research involves assessing scholarly literature on art therapy, examining current programs across America including UCSF's own Art for Recovery in the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, and interviewing healthcare professionals who use art as a means of engaging with patients.

These stipends are funded through the University of California Medical Humanities Consortium (UCOP award).

Send letters of interest to Dr. Brian Dolan, Director of the UC Medical Humanities Consortium, Professor in the Department of Anthropology, History & Social Medicine, UCSF: brian.dolan@ucsf.edu.

Deadline for receipt of letters May 7, 2010. Notice of award by May 14, 2010.