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Perspectives in Medical Humanities publishes scholarship produced or reviewed under the auspices of the University of California Medical Humanities Consortium, a multi-campus collaborative of faculty, students and trainees in the humanities, medicine, and health sciences. Our series invites scholars from the humanities and health care professions to share narratives and analysis on health, healing, and the contexts of our beliefs and practices that impact biomedical inquiry. The series is made possible by a grant from the UC Office of the President, support from the Dean of Medicine at UCSF, and the Center for Humanities and Health Sciences at UCSF. Mission Statement and Executive Editorial Board.


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healing_art_of_writingThe Healing Art of Writing

Eds. Joan Baranow, PhD, Brian Dolan, PhD, and David Watts, MD


This volume brings together the voices of caregivers and patients who share a passion for writing about the mysterious forces of illness and recovery. A belief shared among all contributors is that being cured of a disease is not the same thing as being healed, and that writing poetry and prose brings us to a place of healing.


978-0-615-38132-0 | June 2011 | 218 pp. paperback $24.95

* View this entire book for FREE through California Digital Library


Clowns and Jokers Can Heal Us: Comedy and Medicine

By Albert Howard Carter III, PhD


Presents and analyzes humor on medical topics inside and outside the hospital. Carter argues that comedy can be a form of preventive medicine and should routinely be an adjunct to medical care.


978-0-9834639-1-7 | October 2011 | 260 pp. pbk $24.95




Paths to Innovation: Discovering Recombinant DNA, Oncogenes, and Prions in One Medical School, Over One Decade

By Henry Bourne


Describes the successful paths of four young scientists in the 1970s to analyze how today's leaders and biomedical institutions can promote innovation in the twenty-first century.


978-0-9834639-2-4 | October 2011 | 338 pp. pbk $29.95




The Remarkables: Endocrine Abnormalities in Art

By Carol Z. Clark and Orlo H. Clark, MD


Looks at the intersections between medicine and art throughout history, examining paintings that demonstrate the artist's skill of observation manifest in accurate representations of endocrine disease.


978-0-9834639-0-0 | November 2011 | 224 pp. Cloth Color $59.95



Health Citizenship: Essays in Social Medicine and Biomedical Politics

By Dorothy Porter, PhD


Delves into the tangled strands of social forces that have linked theory and practice in social medicine and examines their impact on changing the principles and directions of public health.


978-0-9834639-3-1 | November 2011 | 302 pp. pbk $24.95

View this entire book for FREE through California Digital Library




At Work in the World: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on the History of Occupational and Environmental Health

Edited by Paul Blanc, MD, and Brian Dolan, PhD

978-0-9834639-4-8 | February 2012 | 218 pp.


Collection of keynote addresses and abstracts of papers presented at the international conference in San Francisco, CA, in 2010. Accompanying PowerPoint images for Robert Proctor's keynote.




What to Read on Love

What to Read on Love, not Sex: Freud, Fiction and the Articulation of Truth in Modern Psychological Science

By Edison Miyawaki, M.D.


What to Read on Love, not Sex examines Sigmund Freud’s career-long reliance on tragedy, myth, scripture, and art to articulate a psychology of love. The author, a neurologist and psychiatrist at Harvard, rethinks Freud’s relevance for modern psychology.


978-0-9834639-6-2 Hardback | 978-0-9834639-5-5 Paperback

November 2012 | 259 pp.


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