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Resident work:
Eliezer (Eli) Van Allen, R3
UCSF Internal Medicine
Recent 'literary' publications:
• Van Allen EM. “One Day Later” J Gen Intern Med J Gen Intern Med. 2010 Apr 23. [Epub ahead of print]
• Van Allen EM. “A Page on Hospital Leadership” Clever Magazine. 18 Apr 2010. Web.
• Van Allen EM. “Serving on the first ‘death panel’ ” San Francisco Chronicle 4 Apr. 2010. F9 Print.
• Van Allen EM. “A Role In Transition” Ann Intern Med. 2009 Sep 15;151(6):427-8
• Van Allen EM. “Higher Power.” The Real Life of an Internist. Ed. Mark D. Tyler-Lloyd. New York: Kaplan Publishing, 2009. 23-28.

Sunita Puri
UCSF School of Medicine 2010, UCSF Internal Medicine resident 2010-2013
"Worn," JAMA. 2010;303(21):2117-2118
See attached photo

Mellody Hayes, MSIV
"Black History and Other Shades of Meaning" Journal of the National Medical Association Vol 102, No 5, May 2010.


UCSF's nominee for the AMA Career in Medical Journalism scholarship 2010

First student to complete the UCSF Narrative Medicine: Public Medical Writing course for fourth year medical students

Christopher Bautista, MSIV
I led a team including Jenny Stella and Mel Hayes which designed and taught an elective using Narrative Medicine methods to teach cultural competence

Scholarship related to the course was presented at the 2010 AAMC/WGEA conference and won "Best Medical Student Poster"

I plan to do a month of Narrative Medicine during fourth year, listening to the stories of patients and creatively writing

Jennifer Stella, MS3
Medical humanities student interest group leader

UCSF Book Group leader

"Umbilicus” Honorable mention in the Pharos Alpha Omega Alpha poetry competition

Will attend Naropa writing conference this summer

On the team (see Christopher Bautista) that designed an award-winning Narrative medicine elective